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Honest Divi Pixel User Review

By Paul - SEO Consultant
Categories: Divi

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Divi Pixel Review: My honest experience with this Divi WordPress Plugin

How I Discovered Divi Pixel

Please note this is not a paid review of affiliate review, we have no ties with Divi Pixel.

I did a lot of research not just on Google but on Reddit, Quora, Facebook groups and amongst industry peers when looking to expand my Divi arsenal. One plugin kept coming up Divi-Pixel. It had a cult like following from its users so I was wary but dipped my toes in for approx £50 for a single license for a year to see how it goes. Here is my personal experience with the plugin over six months later from the initial purchase. I’ve highlighted different attributes of Divi Pixel and scored them out of 10 for an easy read. 

Divi Pixel’s Features (Score: 9/10)

I have to admit it that Divi Pixel has become an essential tool for me when using the Divi theme, packed with over 200 Divi Theme Customizer settings, and 50+ custom Divi modules that simplify website customisation for WordPress:

  • Advanced Customisation: Tailor headers, footers, and more with ease.
  • Responsive Design Tools: Optimise your site for every device.
  • Social Media Integration: Connect and enhance your social media presence directly from your site.
  • Mobile First: They have definitely run with Google’s mobile first ethos and there are lots of customisations for smaller screen devices and mobile heads and call to actions and menu’s. You name it they pretty much got it covered.

They keep bringing our new features and modules every month so this score will only improve over time, but i can’t give them a 10 as me and every other Divi Pixel user wants them to keep churning out the layout templates, modules and other bits!

Setting Up Divi Pixel (Score: 10/10)

If you have already installed Divi then getting Divi Pixel up and running is a breeze. Just upload it to your WordPress site, activate it, and you’re good to go. The interface, while comprehensive, is incredibly user-friendly, though newcomers might find the array of options daunting at first. They have detailed instructions on their website once you purchase the plugin that are easy to follow… just in case you are a booklet nerd. 

Assessing Performance and Stability (Score: 9/10)

Divi Pixel is a powerhouse when it comes to enhancing site performance. It integrates seamlessly into Divi, maintaining high speed and reliability even when leveraging its most complex functionalities. People keep saying Divi is slow… yes with a lot of custom CSS thrown in but NOT with Divi Pixel and their streamlined code. This plugin has been created by web developers who know what they are doing. I haven’t run into any compatibility issues yet apart from my own bodged custom CSS which I could have done without anyways. Divi Pixel layouts by default correct common Divi issues such as white space under header or white space to the right of the page and other common gripes. So if you want something that’s fit for purpose just install a layout and away you go, customise the hell out of it for your purpose. 

The Customer Support is 10/10 from Divi Pixel (Score: 10/10)

What truly sets Divi Pixel apart is its customer support. The team goes beyond typical troubleshooting, offering custom code help and even looking into site backend issues. Their proactive support dramatically increased my mobile site’s performance, pushing Google’s PageSpeed Insights scores from 50 up to between 88 and 90. They don’t dither around either you get a quick and thorough response to any support questions you may have.

Pricing – Is Divi Pixel Worth the Investment? (Score: 8/10)

Divi Pixel offers several pricing tiers, starting at $49 for a single site licence, making it accessible for both individual site builders and larger agencies. Given the extensive features and exceptional support. I truly feel that Divi Pixel represents a significant value for its cost.

Overall Impressions of Divi Pixel (Overall Score: 9/10)

Divi Pixel isn’t just a plugin; it’s an enhancement tool that improves nearly every aspect of building Divi sites. With its robust features and solid customer service, it’s a recommended addition for anyone looking to improve their website’s design and functionality.

Divi Pixel has revolutionised my approach to building Divi sites. Its comprehensive features, coupled with brilliant support, make it an invaluable software in my web development toolkit. Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced designer, Divi Pixel is designed to assist in realising your creative visions efficiently and effectively.

Divi Pixel Review
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