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What do our SEO audit services include?

Get more visits, leads, and sales with First Place’s SEO audit services. Our packages, tailored or ready-made, help find your site’s strengths and areas to improve. We’ll spot SEO problems affecting your rank and give you a clear report with steps to fix them. If you want, our team can handle the updates for you. Want to know what’s included in an SEO audit with us? Here’s a quick rundown:


On-page SEO Audit
Off Page SEO Audit
Technical SEO Audit
SEO Report
On-page seo audit

On-page SEO Audit

Our SEO audit will cover on-page SEO elements to find potential problems such as:

  • Missing title tags and meta descriptions
  • Repetitive content
  • Ineligable content
  • Insufficient content
  • Overuse of keywords
  • Among other issues

In addition to pinpointing these concerns, First Place SEO offers advice on how to address them effectively.

off page seo audit

Off Page SEO Audit

Ever wonder about your website’s reputation? It’s time to find out with our SEO audit plan which includes off-page analysis, where we look at your website’s off-page SEO and how it stacks up against your main competitors. This gives us valuable insights and allows us to offer targeted recommendations. We examine aspects such as:

  • The quality of your backlinks
  • The anchor text used in your backlinks
  • Where your backlinks are placed
  • How relevant your backlinks are to your content
  • The overall number of backlinks you have

Our suggestions will offer you more than just the generic advice of “acquire more links.” We will lay out a clear strategy for how your business can secure meaningful links from reputable sites related to your niche. Our in-house team of off-page SEO experts is ready to help you implement this strategy.

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO Aduit

Could crawling and indexing errors be stopping your site from showing up in search results? Your personal SEO audit specialist is on the case! During your SEO audit, they will investigate essential files and technical SEO factors, including:

  • The .htaccess file
  • Robots.txt file
  • Sitemap
  • HTTP headers
  • 404 error pages
  • Page load speed

And there’s no need to worry about resolving these SEO challenges. With our in-house development crew, you can swiftly address these issues and begin to see the fruits of your labor, such as having your site indexed by search engines like Google or Bing.

SEO Report

SEO Report

After our review and SEO audit of your website, your dedicated account manager will offer you a set of clear, prioritised suggestions to tackle SEO challenges across your website. Your company can then choose whether to handle these fixes internally or to employ the expertise of the First Place SEO team for the task.

To give you an idea, our advice might cover areas such as:

  • Repetitive content issues
  • Broken links
  • Unlinked or isolated links
  • Titles that are too similar
  • Repeated meta descriptions
  • Revising web copy
  • Ensuring HTML is up to standard
  • Compatibility with various browsers and screen resolutions
  • Improving page load speeds
  • Analyzing site traffic
  • Fixing error pages

These examples highlight just a few of the key areas First Place focuses on during your SEO audit. Each one plays a role in making your site more attractive to search engines and, consequently, to potential customers.

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SEO Audits That Help You Beat The Competition

Getting ahead of your competitors SEO efforts is key to your website’s success. With 68% of online searches happening on a search engine and giving the best return on investment compared to other digital marketing efforts.

But getting SEO right is tricky. The best first step? Try First Place SEO’s audit services. We look into your site’s technical SEO to quickly find and fix those tricky SEO problems, laying the groundwork for a personalized SEO plan that really works.

With our top keyword research and backlink strategies, we’ll help you beat your competitors. Ready to get ahead with your SEO? Contact First Place SEO today.

How our SEO audits can help


1. Fix Drops in Traffic and Rankings:

Understand why your site’s traffic or rankings have dropped. Our SEO audits analyse everything from tech issues to content and links. We’ll also look into how Google’s updates may have affected your site and offer a plan to get things back on track.

2. Sort Out Google Penalties

Got hit by a Google penalty? We can audit your site, give you a clear action plan, and even offer advice on how to fix it, including how to handle Google’s reconsideration requests. We’ve helped many businesses bounce back from various penalties.

3. Help with Website Changes

Changing your website’s CMS, domain, or tech can lead to problems. Our audits can guide you through these changes smoothly, helping to fix any issues that come up from moving your site, changing its structure, or updating its technology.


How much does a website SEO audit cost?

How much does an SEO audit cost UK?

At First Place SEO, we offer a free basic audit for small and local companies looking to better understand their website. We also offer straightforward pricing tiers designed to highlight your site’s search engine performance and visibility.

SEO Auditing Pricing

Our SEO audit costs vary based on the audit’s scope and your site’s size, with indicative pricing as follows:

  • £500– £1000 (excluding VAT) for small websites
  • £2000 – £3000 (excluding VAT) for medium-sized websites
  • Over £4000 (excluding VAT) for larger, more complex sites

Are You Facing Any of These Website Performance Issues?

  • Poor rankings in search engine results.
  • Declines in site traffic.
  • Technical SEO issues that are hard to identify and fix.
  • Content that’s not optimized for peak performance.
  • Mobile optimization issues.
  • Slow loading pages.
  • Difficulty outperforming competitors in search results.
  • Dealing with the effects of a Google penalty.
  • Uncertainty about the ROI of your current SEO efforts.

If you’re encountering any of these challenges, it’s a signal to revamp your SEO strategy to understand your website’s full potential.

Book Your Free 30-Minute Website SEO Audit Consultation

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How long does an SEO audit take?

Our site audit delivery is based upon the size your website & type of audit you have booked. Generally all audits are completed and issued within 30 days. During the SEO consultation, we will discuss your expected audits completion date.


Our full SEO audit services include

Content Review

We examine every page to boost your on-page SEO and content. You’ll learn about potential improvements, errors, and duplicate content. We ensure your content is unique and targets the right keywords.

User Experience Review

By navigating your site as a visitor, we identify any UX issues or confusing elements. We’ll explain why these areas need work and outline steps to make your site more user-friendly.

Comprehensive Report

After our audit, you’ll receive a detailed report that breaks down every aspect of your SEO performance in a visually clear and easy-to-understand format. We avoid jargon, keeping you fully informed.

Technical Analysis

We check everything from keywords to 404 errors to identify anything that might hinder your SEO. This includes verifying that your site’s structure and code are optimized for Google’s indexing and ranking.

Backlink Analysis

We evaluate your backlinks for quality and work on content and strategies that drive traffic to your site. With a network of internet connections, we aim to boost your visibility to the right audience.

Future Strategies

We don’t just leave you with the audit results. Our extensive audit aims to increase your organic traffic, enhance your SEO strategy, and elevate your search engine rankings, laying the groundwork for your business’s growth.

Speed Evaluation

Given short online attention spans, a slow site means lost visitors. We assess your site’s speed to guarantee a fast, seamless experience for users. If it’s sluggish, we’ll work on speeding it up.

Competitive SEO Evaluation

We also analyse your competitors’ SEO tactics. This helps us craft a knowledgeable SEO strategy for you, positioning you effectively against your rivals.

SEO Audit Consultation


What You Will Get From Our 30 Minute SEO Audit Call.

Schedule a session with our SEO audit experts to find out how our specialised audit services will help your websites performance. Our discussions, which last approximately 30 minutes, are aimed at grasping your business goals and the strategic SEO methods to achieve them.


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