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If you need an expert keyword research service, call us for a competitively priced solution. Our clients love how much time our keyword research saves them.

Outrank Key Competitors

Target the most effective keywords for your business for better search engine positions. Our precise keyword research drives relevant traffic, improves rankings, and increases your online presence.

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Target Keywords That Convert

Are you struggling to find the right keywords to drive traffic to your website? Effective keyword research can be the game-changer your business needs. At First Place SEO, we specialize in helping you identify high-traffic keywords that align with your business goals. Our expert keyword research services leverage advanced tools and techniques to uncover the most effective keywords your potential customers are searching for. 

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of identifying and analyzing the search terms that people use in search engines like Google and Bing. It helps businesses understand what their audience is looking for, optimize their website content to rank higher in search results, and gain a competitive edge. Effective keyword research increases website traffic, improves user experience, and leads to higher conversion rates, making it a crucial component of any successful SEO strategy.


What Types of Keyword Research services can you expect from first place seo?

Our Keyword Research Services

Basic Keyword Research

Basic keyword research services involve identifying primary keywords related to your business. These services focus on finding relevant search terms with good search volume and manageable competition levels.

Key Features:

  • In-depth competitor keyword analysis
  • Identification of keyword gaps and opportunities
  • Analysis of competitors’ SEO strategies

Ideal For:

  • Businesses in highly competitive industries
  • Companies looking to gain a competitive edge
  • Websites aiming to improve their SEO strategy

Competitive Keyword Research

On-page optimisation involves making adjustments directly on your website to improve its search engine rankings. Consultants focus on optimising individual web pages by ensuring that content is both relevant and of high quality, strategically using keywords, and improving meta tags and descriptions. They also ensure that your site’s structure is search engine friendly by enhancing URL structures, navigation, and internal linking.

Key Features:

  • Identification of long-tail keywords
  • Analysis of user intent
  • Optimization suggestions for long-tail keywords

Ideal For:

  • Niche markets
  • E-commerce websites
  • Blogs and content-heavy websites

Local Keyword Research

Local keyword research services help businesses target keywords relevant to specific geographic areas. This type of service is essential for businesses aiming to attract local customers.

Key Features:

  • Identification of local keywords
  • Analysis of local search trends
  • Optimization suggestions for local SEO

Ideal For:

  • Local businesses
  • Service providers with a geographic focus
  • Businesses with physical storefronts

Industry Specific Keyword Research

Industry-specific keyword research services tailor the keyword strategy to the unique needs of a particular industry. These services focus on finding keywords relevant to the industry’s specific terminology and audience behavior.

Key Features:

  • Identification of industry-specific keywords
  • Analysis of industry trends and terminology
  • Competitive analysis within the industry.

Ideal For:

  • Specialized industries
  • B2B companies
  • Businesses with unique industry requirements

Ecommerce Keyword Research

E-commerce keyword research services focus on identifying keywords that drive sales and product visibility. These services help optimize product listings and category pages to attract potential buyers

Key Features:

  • Identification of product-specific keywords
  • Analysis of buyer intent
  • Optimization suggestions for product descriptions

Ideal For:

  • Online retailers
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Businesses with an extensive product catalog


Seasonal Keyword Research

Key Features:

  • Identification of seasonal keywords
  • Analysis of seasonal search trends
  • Optimization suggestions for seasonal content

Ideal For:

  • Retail businesses
  • Event planners
  • Websites with seasonal content


Reasons to use our Keyword Research service

What businesses benefit from Keyword Researc services?

Organic SEO services might seem like an extra expense, but they are essential for growing your online presence and driving business success. Here are the main benefits of organic SEO services:

Small Business Keyword Research

For startups and small businesses, keyword research is a cost-effective way to build an online presence from the ground up. By leveraging targeted keywords and high-quality content, these businesses can compete with larger, established companies in their niche.

E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce websites rely heavily on online visibility to drive sales. Keyword research helps e-commerce businesses rank higher in search engine results, attracting more potential customers and increasing conversion rates.

Service Based Websites

Businesses that provide services, such as consulting, legal advice, or home repairs, can use organic SEO to reach potential clients searching for specific services. Optimizing content around service-related keywords ensures these businesses appear in relevant search queries.


Competitive Industries

In highly competitive industries, keyword research provides a way to stand out. Consistent and strategic keyword efforts help businesses improve their search rankings, build authority, and attract a loyal customer base.


Local Businesses Wanting More

While local SEO is crucial for local businesses, those looking to expand their reach can greatly benefit from keyword research. By optimizing for broader search terms, these businesses can attract customers from outside their immediate vicinity.

Organic SEO Companies

Why is keyword research important for your company

In the competitive digital market, organic SEO stands out as a foundational element for long-term business success. Here’s why investing in organic search engine optimization is imperative:

Importance of Keyword Research
The Process of Keyword Research
Benefits of Keyword Research
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Why is keyword research important?

Understanding Your Audience: Keyword research helps you understand what your audience is searching for, allowing you to create content that meets their needs and interests.

Improving SEO: By targeting the right keywords, you can optimize your website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), driving more organic traffic to your site.

Competitive Advantage: Analyzing keywords also gives you insights into your competitors’ strategies, helping you identify gaps and opportunities to outperform them.

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The Process of Keyword Research

Brainstorming Keywords: Start by brainstorming a list of words and phrases related to your business. Think about the terms your potential customers might use when searching for your products or services.

Using Keyword Tools: Utilize keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, or Ahrefs to find relevant keywords. These tools provide data on search volume, competition, and trends.

Analyzing Competitors: Look at the keywords your competitors are targeting. This can provide insights into what is working in your industry and help you identify potential keyword opportunities.

Selecting Target Keywords: Choose a mix of short-tail (broad) and long-tail (specific) keywords. Long-tail keywords, although less competitive, can drive highly targeted traffic to your site.

Implementing Keywords: Integrate your selected keywords naturally into your website content, meta descriptions, headings, and URLs. Avoid keyword stuffing, as it can harm your rankings.

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Benefits of Keyword Research

Increased Traffic: Targeting the right keywords helps your website rank higher, attracting more visitors.

Higher Conversion Rates: Keywords aligned with user intent lead to better engagement and higher conversion rates.

Enhanced User Experience: By providing content that matches user queries, you improve the overall user experience on your site.

Cost-Effective Marketing: Organic traffic from well-optimized keywords reduces the need for expensive paid advertising.

Keyword Research Services Testimonials

Happy customers.
thumb_01_60_60Miriam Swan

Google Review

“A big thank you to this wonderful seo agency who have helped my e-learning business. Recommended through a friend of a friend and now I’m happy to call them friends and recommend them as well!”

thumb_02_60_60Eleni Stavropolou

Google Review

“Best SEO expert and SEO consultant I have ever used. Their whole business is built around growing your business through online marketing. They came recommended from a friend that used them for her e-commerce site and have delivered 100% ROI for my shopify in a short few months.”

thumb_03_60_60Brad Allen

Google Review

“A smaller team but have done really well by me. I have worked with big agencies in the past but I now prefer the more intimate consultancy approach. Plus they are a lot cheaper than a big agency, so I’m glad I tried something new and it paid off. Their customer service and response times are excellent”

Keyword Research Pricing Plan

Affordable Keyword Research Services

Everything You Need To Rank Higher, In A Fixed Price Monthly Package. You Will See Real Results & A Return On Your Investment With Our Cost Effective Local SEO Solutions. 


Keyword Research

5 Competitors Analysed
Upto 40 Keywords Researched
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Search Intent Identified
Actionable Data
Fast Turnaround

Save yourself the expense of subscription tools like Ahrefs and Semrush which can run into the £100's of pounds each month. Our report looks at the keywords your site should be targeting. Keywords are highlighted by search intent (transactional, informational, navigational, etc.).

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Take positive action and hire our keyword research services to make your website a lead generating asset for your company. Don’t pay for leads, acquire them organically.

Long-Tail and Local Keywords

In our keyword research strategy, we place a significant emphasis on long-tail keywords. These keywords, although less competitive, are highly targeted and can drive high-converting traffic to your website. Additionally, if your business targets a specific geographic area, we focus on local keywords to ensure you capture relevant local search traffic.

Keyword Mapping

Once we have identified the best keywords, the next step is keyword mapping. This process involves integrating the selected keywords into your website content in a way that optimizes your site for maximum visibility. Keyword mapping ensures that your content is aligned with search intent, which is critical for a successful SEO strategy.

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Drive more targeted traffic to your website with First Place SEO. Get started today and experience the benefits of professional keyword research services.

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Witness a significant increase in website visitors and enhanced conversion rates, driving your business towards unprecedented growth. Allow us to guide you towards achieving your digital objectives and distinguishing your brand in the competitive online world.


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