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Save Divi Contact Form Submissions for Free

By Paul - SEO Consultant
Categories: Divi

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How to Save Divi Contact Form Submissions for Free

By First Place SEO
Expert SEO Tips for WordPress and Divi Users

Ensuring that you never miss a contact form submission is crucial for any website. With the Divi theme, this requires an additional step since it does not natively save form submissions. Fortunately, there are free solutions available that can help you manage and store your Divi contact form entries. This article will guide you through the process.

Why Save Contact Form Submissions?

Losing a contact form submission can result in missed opportunities, whether they are potential leads, customer inquiries, or important messages. By saving these submissions directly to your database, you can access them anytime and ensure no message is ever lost due to email delivery issues.

Using the Divi Contact Form DB Plugin

One of the best solutions for saving Divi contact form submissions is the Divi Contact Form DB plugin. This plugin is available for free and offers a simple way to store form submissions in your WordPress database.

Steps to Install and Use Divi Contact Form DB Plugin:

  1. Install the Plugin:
    • Navigate to the WordPress Plugin Repository.
    • Search for “Divi Contact Form DB.”
    • Click “Install Now” and then activate the plugin.
  2. Activate the Plugin:
    • Once activated, a new menu item called “Divi Form DB” will appear in your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Configure the Plugin:
    • Go to the “Divi Form DB” menu in your dashboard.
    • Here, you can view all the contact form submissions stored in your database.
    • The plugin automatically saves fields like name, email, and message. To save custom fields, you may need the premium version, but the free version covers the basics effectively.

Additional Free Plugins

Besides the Divi Contact Form DB plugin, there are other free plugins and methods to save your form submissions:

  1. Fluent Forms:
    • Another excellent plugin for saving form submissions is Fluent Forms, which offers a free version that includes form submission storage. You can download it from the WordPress Plugin Repository.
  2. WPForms Lite:
    • WPForms Lite is another popular form plugin that can be used with Divi. It saves form submissions and provides easy access to entries via the WordPress dashboard. More details can be found on the WPForms website.

Viewing and Exporting Submissions

Both Divi Contact Form DB and other form plugins provide options to view and manage your submissions directly from the WordPress dashboard. While the free versions might have limitations, they generally allow you to export entries as CSV files for backup or analysis.

Steps to Export Submissions:

  1. Navigate to the plugin’s submission management page.
  2. Look for an export option or button.
  3. Select the desired format (usually CSV) and download the file.

Saving Divi contact form submissions is essential for maintaining reliable communication with your visitors. Using free plugins like Divi Contact Form DB, Fluent Forms, or WPForms Lite, you can easily store and manage your form entries. This ensures you never miss a critical message due to technical issues.

For more advanced features, you can consider upgrading to premium versions, but the free solutions should suffice for most basic needs. Implementing these tools will not only enhance your site’s functionality but also improve your ability to respond promptly to inquiries, ultimately benefiting your overall user experience.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage your Divi contact form submissions and keep your communication channels open and efficient. Check out our web design services if you want a new website or a lick of new paint.

Save Divi contact forms for free
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