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SEO Case Study For A London Cleaning Company

A long established cleaning service provider in London wanted to expand its customer base as their current SEO agency were just taking the money and doing very little for it! So we put together a plan to improve their online presence and drive business growth through effective digital marketing strategies and working hard!

Objectives For SEO:

      1. Increase Online Visibility: Secure top rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords.
      2. Higher Levels Of Lead Generation: Generate a steady stream of high-quality leads through the website.
      3. Improve Cost Efficiency: Decrease cost per acquisition (CPA) and cost per conversion while maximizing return on investment (ROI).
      4. Expand Service Reach: Extend services to new geographic areas within London.

Approach To SEO

Market Analysis and Keyword Research:

      • Conducted in-depth analysis of the London cleaning market using SEM Rush and other industry-standard tools.
      • Identified high-value keywords and competitor insights to refine the digital strategy.
      • Leveraged data from authority websites within the cleaning industry to inform keyword selection and market positioning.

Google Ads Optimisation:

      • Revamped Google Ads campaign structure to improve ad relevance and reduce costs.
      • Employed expanded text ads and targeted ad extensions to enhance visibility and attract qualified leads.
      • Drew inspiration from industry leaders for effective ad copy and campaign strategies.

Website Enhancement with WordPress:

      • Utilised WordPress CMS to revamp the website for improved user experience and conversion optimization.
      • Incorporated data-driven insights from Google Analytics and heat map analysis to refine website elements.
      • Emulated design and functionality best practices from leading service providers within the cleaning industry.

SEO In-Dept Analysis with Ahrefs and Moz:

      • Implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy focused on technical optimization and quality backlink building.
      • Collaborated with authority sites to acquire high-quality backlinks and boost domain authority.
      • Monitored SERP rankings and organic traffic growth to track progress and refine tactics.

Lead Generation Website Creation:

      • Developed a dedicated lead generation website to streamline the enquiry process and capture leads effectively.
      • Incorporated user-friendly enquiry forms and direct communication channels inspired by industry leaders.
      • Employed data-driven insights to optimize website design and functionality for maximum lead generation potential.

SEO Results That Were Achieved:

      • Over 150% Surge in Online Enquiries: Strategic digital marketing efforts led to a significant increase in online enquiries, surpassing client expectations.
      • 50% Decrease in Cost Per Conversion: By optimising Google Ads campaigns and refining targeting strategies, the company achieved cost efficiencies while improving conversion rates.
      • Expansion Into New Service Areas: Enhanced online visibility and lead generation capabilities paved the way for expansion into new geographic markets.
      • Over 50% Growth in Organic Traffic: Through effective SEO tactics and backlink building initiatives, the company secured top rankings on SERPs, driving substantial organic traffic growth.

The collaborative efforts between the leading our client and us as their digital agency has resulted in remarkable growth and enhanced market positioning within the competitive cleaning industry. By leveraging data-driven insights, industry best practices, and strategic digital marketing tactics, the company successfully achieved its objectives and solidified its position as a leading domestic cleaning service provider in London.

Increased Online Enquiries for London Cleaning Company
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