Complianz Website Speed Fix


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Are you having problems with the Complianz Cookies Banner causing your website to slow down?

Is the Complianz plugin showing high LCP on page speed tests?

Then try this fix to accelerate the cookie consent banner and improve LCP.

Solution for Complianz page speed fix 

In the Complianz consent banner settings under custom CSS try and input the following custom CSS. I did and that raised the mobile score from 48 to 94. Here it is incase anyone has the problem with Complianz coming up as causing a low page speed score!  

Complianz Custom CSS Page Speed

“/*container*/ .cmplz-cookiebanner { transition:none!important; } .cmplz-cookiebanner .cmplz-message {(max-width: 400px) margin-right: 5px; height: 80px; /* overflow: scroll; */ }”

You can adjust the width and height etc by playing around with the numbers on the custom CSS.

If you need any further information about “Does Complianz affect website performance?” then check out this article where the official software provider discusses page speed as a metric and focuses on Google’s Mobile-First indexing, user experience and optimizing the delivery of content.. If you need any help with your website speed, technical SEO and off page SEO then be sure to pick up the phone and talk to us.

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